Planning an Event? Here’s What You Should Consider When Choosing the Venue

EventWhether you’re planning for a friend’s birthday party, your local church’s fundraiser, or a corporate function for your company, choosing the most suitable venue is going to be one of your number one priorities.

How many and what would the event be for?

Before looking for a venue, think about the number of guests you will be expecting, as well as the type of event it would be, according to the experts from Laruche. This will determine the location and size of the venue you are looking for. For example, for private events like a wedding, you will want to look for a venue that can accommodate all guests but would still feel intimate. For corporate events, a venue with easy transport access should be your priority. Think about the parking space available, as well as public transportation access.

Keep budget in mind.

Don’t simply go out and look for venues without considering the budget first! You don’t want to fall in love with a venue and simply feel devastated when you find out it can’t fit your budget. Remember, the venue is not the only one you have to budget for in an event. Going over-budget might mean you have to cut costs on other aspects of your event. Research first for venues that do fall within your budget—there’s always one that will work out for your budget.

Will there be other events happening at the same time as yours?

If it’s a private function venue that only accommodates one event per day, then great. However, if they have several events happening at the same time, you should ask what event would be taking place in the room next to yours. You probably don’t want a loud wedding reception disrupting the conference you will be having. Do ensure that any simultaneous event happening with yours does not interfere with your own.