Physiotherapy Myths: Did You Ever Entertain These Thoughts?

Physiotherapy in SydneyLooking for reputable physiotherapists? Sydney has a lot of them. Indeed, physiotherapy can be very beneficial to you. It can do a lot in improving one’s overall health, from dealing with physical injuries to treating neurological disorders. Should you be interested to try this treatment, just go to the best expert and you’ll surely get your money’s worth.

Before you finally try physiotherapy, you should first educate yourself about it. Let’s start with the common myths. Below are some misconceptions about physiotherapy:

  • Any health care expert can perform physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy is a very broad field; hence, it requires specialised skills. It has numerous areas, and physiotherapists in Sydney underwent various trainings before becoming experts in this type of treatment. These facts clearly imply that not all health care professionals can perform physiotherapy.

  • Anyone who wants to try physiotherapy should expect to get hurt.

While some techniques (depending on the injuries or conditions) may be more painful compared to others, physiotherapy is not really painful, generally speaking. This is especially true if you have been seeing your physiotherapist for quite a long time.

  • Physiotherapy is only for athletes and physically active people.

This is one of the most common misconceptions about physiotherapy. But for your information, it is beneficial for a wide array of conditions. Some are not even sports-related like stroke and cerebral palsy.

  • Physiotherapy only consists of different exercises.

There are numerous techniques and tools that physiotherapists use; for instance, those that use manual and manipulation techniques. Exercises are only a part of the whole treatment process.

  • Science does not back up physiotherapy.

The truth is there are numerous scientific papers that support physiotherapy. You can even find universities that offer doctoral programs in this field. Such programs provide evidences on the effectiveness of physiotherapy and promote its continuous development.

There you have it – some physiotherapy myths. Do more research and you’ll certainly learn more. As mentioned earlier, physiotherapy can be very beneficial to you. Don’t let these false beliefs hinder you from enjoying the numerous benefits that you can actually get.