Phrases an Anorexic Person May Hate Hearing

Anorexia Nervosa TreatmentAnorexia, to this day, is still a disease often misunderstood by many. People who have never experienced how it is to live with this disorder might say anything uninformed and offensive to those who do. Words can be very powerful triggers for people fighting with specific mental disorders. You might not be aware that you are already affecting someone negatively with your words.

Here are some things you should never say to a person who has undergone or is still undergoing treatment of anorexia, according to

Go eat a burger

One of the most ignorant things you can say to a struggling anorexic is to just eat. It just does not work this way. You do not just tell someone who has problems with their vision just to open their eyes. You have to look at it and treat it as you would treat an illness. They will not just get well by suggesting that they eat. It is important that you treat this matter seriously. They already feel worse about their situation. Do not belittle their struggle.

Wish I had Your body

This is a dangerous statement to give to an ill person. This will only enforce the idea that they should be thankful for this disease. It will encourage them to continue struggling with food to the point that it will affect their health negatively. Their thin frame is not a result of a healthy lifestyle and you should never support such harmful idea. Putting a positive spin on their situation will only worsen their reaction to their disease.

The best way to communicate with someone struggling with any mental disorder is to simply be there for them. Ask them what they need and how you can support them. What if you had no idea they were struggling? Then, you should be careful and kind to everyone you meet.