Parenting 101: Getting Your Child Started in Martial Arts Training

Martial Art Classes in Highlands RanchWhen children and teens become involved in self-defense training, they can acquire injuries. It’s possible for them to come home with a bruise, a few scrapes, and possibly a strained muscle or sprained ligament. You should not abandon the idea of self-defense training to your child, however. Under the tutelage of capable martial arts trainers in Highlands Ranch, your child will gain so much more than physical prowess. Allow us to introduce to you the benefits of self-defense training and some of the current options available.

Forms of self-defense disciplines to consider

Self-defense practices are more popularly known as martial arts. Some of the most familiar styles are judo, tae-kwon do, aikido, jiu-jitsu or jujutsu, kung-fu, and karate. Perhaps the most familiar to American children is karate, which means “empty hand”. The discipline originated in Japan, and usually involves hand-to-hand combat, without the use of weapons. Essentially, training involves the development of skills in the use of the hands and feet for self-defense.

Physical benefits of martial arts

When your child starts becoming involved in self-defense training, he or she will benefit from physical conditioning. Continuous training results in positive changes to the muscles and bones. The cardiovascular and respiratory system improves in term of function and efficiency as well. In addition, flexibility, coordination, and balance improve, this manifests in other physical activities your child chooses to engage.

Other benefits of self-defense training

All forms of martial arts today help develop physical prowess. In addition, the training activities also sharpen the mind by improving attention and developing critical problem solving and decision-making skills. Martial arts training also boosts confidence and fosters development of value such as humility, respect, patience, and self-control.

If your child is interested in self-defense training, it is advisable to involve him or her actively in exploring options. There are plenty of programs around.