Overcome Your Fear of Dentists

Sample of Dental ImplantThere are many reasons why people harbor a fear of doctors. For many people, a negative experience during a previous visit to the dentist can make them want to shun all dentists. For others, the vulnerability they feel when lying prone on the dentist’s chair causes them a lot of anxiety. Luckily, there are numerous simple ways you can defeat your fear of dentists. Here are some of them.

Talk to your dentist about your fears

Your dentist will most likely have treated patients that had the same fears as you do. Therefore, they will be able to understand you when you open up about your anxiety, for instance when you plan to undergo a dental implant surgery in Indianapolis, and know just what to do to make the situation better for you. Discuss the different options available for the treatment of your condition, and choose the most comfortable one for you. 

Bring a person you trust

Most kids who fear dentists dread the thought of being alone with the dentist. It is why parents are advised to sit with them throughout the session. You could ask a relative or friend to accompany you on your visit to your local Indianapolis dentist and let them stay with you during the treatment.

Try simple relaxation techniques

Once you are in the dentist’s chair, try to control your breathing so that you reduce your anxiety. Start by taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly. Doing this helps relax your muscles and reduces the rate of your heartbeat. You could also try muscle relaxation, where you tense and relax different muscle groups in your body to help ease your anxiety.

Dental phobia is common among millions of Americans today, but it is a condition you can easily control once you decide to do so. Always choose a dentist who understands your anxiety and is willing to help you overcome it.