Nursing Home Non-Care

Nursing HomeLetting elderly people end up in the care of nursing homes is becoming the norm. In the United States, the elderly population has been growing over the last five years. In 2010, the census recorded that there are 40.3 million people aged 65 and above in the U.S., comprising 13 percent of the total population.

The NCEA predicts that by 2050, the elderly population will comprise 20 percent of the total population. Nursing homes are taking on more patients because of this growing number. While family members are comfortable leaving their loved ones in what they think are homes outside of their own, many elderly suffer from neglect in the nursing homes. While 24/7 home care services, like those offered by CareBuilders at Home in Minnesota, are already available, many still choose to send their elders in nursing homes.

A recent study from the NCEA cites that 7.6 to 10 percent of elders suffer from abuse and neglect. Cases of neglect in the nursing home stem from the lack of concern of the staff towards the elderly patients. Some of them are often ignored, leaving them lonely. Other patients lose weight and get even more sickly because their caregivers failed to feed them or give them proper hygiene care.

Some signs of nursing home neglect are bed sores, malnutrition, weight loss, dehydration, disorientation, and lack of interaction with fellow patients or other people. Having family members and friends around may work positively for the patients.

Not only will the presence of the family be uplifting to the elders, but professional care will also be provided to them. Elderly neglect can happen anywhere. But, with the family and the caregivers working together, a healthy and happy home may just be within reach for the elderly. In their twilight years, the comfort of home, professional care and family is all the elders need.