Now That’s Magic: Celebrities with Improved Teeth

Teeth EnhancementEver wondered how your favourite celebrities have perfect teeth? Well, they have not always been perfect! Here are some celebrities who have made enhancements with their teeth!

  1. Zac Efron

Although he’s bulked up and starring in the Baywatch revival, Zac Efron started out as this gap-toothed, fresh-faced lad. But gasp! After the success of High School Musical, the gap-tooth was gone — and then came a hotter, manlier Efron.

  1. Lindsay Lohan

Drugs and alcohol could always ruin great things. The former Mean Girl once had perfect teeth that were stained because of her exploits…but now, you’ll see Lindsay wearing a set of clean, white, totally Hollywood teeth — and if you’ve experienced the same problems as she did, maybe you could get some help, like dental implants, a Milton Keynes orthodontist opines.

  1. George Clooney

Yep. One of the world’s favourite leading men — and former sexiest man in the world–once had a set of imperfect teeth. He once claimed that he had this bad habit of grinding his teeth when stressed, and thus, has resorted to getting bleaching treatments to get sparkling teeth once more.

  1. Nicolas Cage

Back in the 80s, Nicolas Cage had stained, imperfect teeth — and one of the first things he did when he finally had some shine to his name, was get dental treatments that helped him look a tad younger — with great teeth, too!

  1. Cheryl

Cole — Versini Fernandez — yes, THAT Cheryl. While she always had a pretty face and great talent, Cheryl didn’t always have a perfect set of veneers. They weren’t of the same size, and she had “vampire fangs”, too — but look at her now! All perfect, and classy — just like she should be!

See, celebrities need some help sometimes, too — and that’s why you should never get scared of having your teeth improved. If they did it, so can you!