No Metal Braces? No Problem: Subtle Solutions to Misaligned Teeth

BracesMetal braces are no longer the only route to straighter, better-aligned teeth. An increasing number of adults are seeking out orthodontic treatment later in life, and this increase in demand has seen an explosion of both fixed and removable appliance designed to make the tooth-straightening process both subtler and faster.

NHS orthodontic treatment is provided free of charge to children and teenagers, but is rationed on a strict basis of clinical need. This often means that people who would benefit from mild to moderate correction don’t qualify for treatment, leaving them to fear that misaligned teeth are just their lot in life.

However, this is not the case. The benefits of tooth straightening treatment are more than just cosmetic even in the mildest of cases. Dental hygiene can suffer when teeth have difficult-to-clean areas, and this can increase the risk of both gum disease and dental decay.

Capital Dental in Twickenham offers a number of discreet orthodontic solutions, using both fixed appliances (braces) and removable ones (aligners). Many of these devices work in a fraction of the time of standard metal braces, with some acting in just a few short months.

Braces versus aligners

Both fixed braces and removable aligners are discreet and effective ways of straightening the teeth. Each system comes with its own particular set of benefits, and is best suited to different clinical situations. A dentist or orthodontist will help you to find the most efficient one for your individual requirements.

Fixed discreet braces can be fast-acting cosmetic appliances or can be more similar to their standard metal cousins, designed for treating more complex options. Popular systems such as FastBraces are available with clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires.

Similarly, removable aligners can be used for mild and more extensive correction. Invisalign, one of the most popular clear aligner systems in the world, can treat a wide variety of orthodontic problems, and are invisible to the untrained eye.

A big benefit of using a clear aligner system is that there is no need to master any special hygiene techniques during treatment. The aligners are safe and easy to remove at home, and should be taken out for cleaning twice a day. You just brush/floss your teeth as normal.