Never Too Late: What You Need to Know About Adult Invisible Braces

Person Using InvisalignMany adults dismiss getting braces, despite wanting a better smile, thinking these only work for young people. For others who wore traditional braces when they were younger, meanwhile, the results didn’t last beyond youth.

The metal bonds did their job, definitely. It is common, however, for teeth to move back into their old position – an occurrence known as orthodontic relapse. This condition happens when patients wear their retainers for only a short period.

Luckily for adults who wish to own or regain a perfect, red carpet-ready smile, orthodontists now offer the Invisalign. Unlike traditional braces, the Invisalign is less noticeable and can straighten the teeth in relatively less time.

Here are some things you need to know about ‘adult braces’:

You’ll wear it 22 hours daily.

Dentists suggest wearing the aligners 22 hours every day. Some people make the mistake of taking them out whenever they wish, but this may delay any improvements. You’ll need to always bring your aligner case, travel toothbrush, and a variety of toothpaste.

You may lose weight.

You need to wear your aligners for 22 full hours daily. This leaves you to maximise two hours for the equivalent of three meals. It may also be a bit of a struggle to pry the retainers off several times a day, so pack every meal with as much nutrition as possible. It’s fine to take your coffee and tea breaks as usual, but you want to stay away from turmeric latte or anything that may stain your aligners.

Toothpaste becomes your NBF.

Move over, brow kit. Toothpaste is now the new makeup kit staple. As food particles and plaque may get in the way of teeth moving to their proper places, those with invisible braces find themselves needing to brush their teeth after every single meal. It also pays to floss after brushing your chompers.

Unlike traditional braces that may take at least a couple of years (some people spent half their adolescent life wearing braces) before you can see results, the Invisalign can straighten the teeth in only 12 months, on average. While it may entail some sacrifices, you also get to reap the lifelong benefits of straighter teeth.