Mixing it Up: Fieldtrip Ideas for Homeschooled Kids

Indoor Playground in SingaporeParents of homeschooled children often have little trouble finding ways to incorporate lessons into their daily activities. As with any educational system, however, keeping lessons interesting helps whet the appetite for learning. One way regular school systems incite excitement is through field trips. 

Homeschooled children can also benefit from field trips, not just for socialisation, but also to exercise and hone the skills they learned through their daily lessons.

Places to Go

There is a wide range of places to visit in Singapore where homeschooling parents can augment their children’s lessons and activities.

Museums are the first thing on most parents’ list of educational institutions to visit because they provide a great overview of a variety of subject matters like history, art, and science. They are a quick and easy way to provoke thought and increase curiosity: a great jumping off point for discussions.

Indoor theme parks, such as KidZania SG, can be a way to exercise both mind and body, as well as social and life skills. Some places can even simulate real-life adult experiences like working in fields that are not easily simulated at home like operating theatres, airport terminals, or television studios.

Aside from such educational places, playgrounds and community centres should not be ignored for the simplicity of their facilities. Aside from providing excellent means of exercise, they provide a wide range of physical challenges to help improve a variety of motor skills.

What to Do After

As with any activity, it is important to have the children process the day’s events. This can be done in several ways:

  1. Active discussion – A simple discussion is an easy way for children to express what they learned, as well as provide insight into how well they enjoyed (or didn’t enjoy) the activity.
  2. Journaling – Journaling helps develop writing and communication skills and allows children to be more thoughtful in expressing their ideas.
  3. Arts and Crafts – Creating something inspired by what they had just experienced is a way to hone skills in observation.

Processing the activity or activities they just participated it helps cement what they learned and ensures the parent that the goal for the day was achieved.