Major Medical Errors That Prove Fatal in Australia

Doctors doing surgeryAs a healthcare professional, your education, experience, and expertise do not immediately guarantee you will not be making mistakes. After all, many factors can affect your performance, such as stress, technology, the severity of the issue, and uniqueness of the case.

Nevertheless, you can significantly reduce the risks that come with your job beginning with knowing the most common medical errors.

Surgery mistakes

Even with advanced technologies, doctors do not recommend surgery unless it is necessary because of the many risks involved such as infection and irreparable damage to the organs and tissues. It is also not unheard of for doctors to inadvertently leave behind instruments or, worse, operate on the wrong limb or organ.

Surgery, though, is a life-saving measure, and doctors can reduce errors by using instruments that have the same goal. A good example is a pair of non-stick bipolar surgery forceps that have good thermal properties at the tip that prevent tissue charring during coagulation.

Issues with diagnosis

Most of the healthcare-related complaints revolve around diagnosis issues, including misdiagnosis and late diagnosis. Both can have serious repercussions on the patient’s health. A misdiagnosis, for example, can lead to incorrect treatment and prognosis, which may result in injury and death.

Hospital-acquired diseases

A large number of patients spend more time in hospitals not only because of their illness but also because of the conditions acquired from the facility. These occur when the facility lacks proper hygiene, or the doctor and other staff do not pay much attention to complications such as infection.

In some cases, the patient does not know how to reduce the risks through simple methods like washing the hands and not touching the incision or surgery site. Although some of these hospital-acquired diseases like pneumonia are common, the low immunity of patients will prevent them from healing quickly and correctly.

Under the Hippocratic Oath, it is your obligation to save lives, so do the best you can to meet the expectations. Learn the usual errors and avoid them.