Lose Those Ugly Fat Bulges with This Agressive Exercise Routine

Fat BulgesOne of the most disgusting sights that you would definitely dread to see in your body is horrible fat bulges. These ugly bulges are brought about by many factors including ageing, food, and much more.

Seeing those portly bulges in different areas of your body can be really disheartening. It seems like no matter what type of diet you follow or how many aerobics class you enrol in, you can’t get rid of those ugly fat deposits. All is not lost. Workout professionals with a Certificate III in fitness and fitnessU are one in telling you that there are still a lot of exercise routines you can do that can eliminate unsightly fat bulges forever. Best of all, they won’t take much of your time.

The Fat Eliminator

Zap your portly bulges out with every minute on the minute workout. Often referred to by fitness professionals as EMOM, this workout involves performing a set number of repetitions on top of every minute that should be performed in two sets of 10-minute workout. According to Men’s Health, this is one of the best training methods to burn fat.

The First Set

Part one of the first set begins by starting the odd minutes by doing 3 reps of overhead barbell squat while the even minutes is spent doing 5 reps of Burpee. For those unfamiliar with this workout, one repetition of Burpee involves leaping up, assuming a push-up position upon landing and pressing your chest all the way down, then pushing up to standing position and leaping up again.

The Second Set

Set two of the EMOM workout involves the walking weighted lunge and heavy push press. You begin the lunge by putting a barbell across the upper back and steps forward with one leg and dropping the rear knee until it touches the floor, then doing the same thing with the other foot. This is done in 20 reps. Heavy push press, on the other hand, involves pushing the barbell upwards while maintaining an erect posture, then flexing the knees and hips while bringing the barbell down to shoulder position again. This should be done in 5 reps.

A lot of people find it hard to get rid of the fat bulges in their bodies, particularly those found near the armpits and lower abdomen. LiveStrong.com couldn’t agree more with this assertion when they reported fat bulges in the lower abdomen are among the most difficult to eliminate. However, with the powerful exercise routine involving EMOM workouts that you can do for only twenty minutes once or twice a week, you can bid those ugly fat bulges goodbye.