Looking Good in Eyeglasses

Eyewear Stores in BrisbaneWearing eyeglasses does not mean the end for your style. It can be difficult to adjust to wearing glasses, but you have to face it. It’s going to be part of your everyday life if you want clearer vision. What you can do is make the most out of it and make it your fashion statement. It’s all about knowing how to rock a pair of spectacles. Here are some tips.

Knowing your face shape

This piece of information can help you choose the right style. Not all people can look great in every design of eyewear they get. You have to know what suits your face and what flatters you. You do not want to look older than your actual age. For round faces, optometrists in Brisbane CBD say you may need an angular eyewear. Square faces or those with strong jaw lines may need to soften their features with narrow oval lenses. being aware of your face shape will allow you to get a pair of glasses that looks best on you.

Matching colours

Just like clothes, it’s all about matching colours. With eyewear, you can match your frames with two things. You may go for your eye colour or the colour of your skin. There are some frames that allow your eye colour to pop, even if they are behind the lens. A safer choice would be to complement the frame with the colour of your skin. Getting a black frame is always the safest way to go but you can always experiment.

Make visiting optometrists in Brisbane CBD a regular habit. Getting the right checkups on schedule may help you keep watch on the development of your eye health.