Keep Yourself Healthy with this Advice for the Busy Office Worker

Back Pain in Salt Lake CityIt’s just the reality of today’s working person: there is hardly any more time for exercise, and spending most of your day sitting in front of a desk and then inside a vehicle isn’t helping. Almost half of all adults in the U.S. do not engage in the recommended 30-minute, 5-days-a-week exercise routine. This is not helping people fight health issues like diabetes, obesity, heart ailments and others that are caused by not exercising enough. Worse, if you spend hours sitting or standing at work, this may also result in strain and pain in different parts of the body, such as your lower back.

To lower the possibility of back pain, Salt Lake City chiropractors give the following advice:

Mind the Height of Your Chair

To reduce strain on your back and neck, make sure your chair is set at the proper height. Remember the 90-90-90 position. This simply means your feet are planted flat on a footrest or on the floor, with your hips and knees bent at an angle of 90 degrees. This position will help you avoid a lot of back and shoulder soreness and spasms or headaches.

Working with a Computer Monitor

To prevent straining forward just to see better, the top 1/3 of your computer monitor should be above your eye level. You may also want to use a computer desk in which the monitor is at a lowered location, facing upward or a laptop. Keeping the monitor or laptop screen below eye level instead of directly on eye level keeps you away from eye strain. The same is true when you’re reading a book. Keep it angled so that you are looking slightly downward.

Do Some Exercises, Wherever You Are

Ideally, you should set some time for exercising. A 20-30 minute run does a lot if you do it daily for at least five days. But if you miss a run, don’t worry, you can still do some exercises at work just to make sure your back doesn’t get sore. Check this video by Forbes to give you an idea about the simple exercises to keep you healthy at work. These are also effective for combating sleepiness at work.

Keeping yourself healthy shouldn’t be compromised because you’re too busy at work. Following these simple nuggets of advice can work wonders in keeping you away from health risks caused by prolonged inactivity.