Is Assisted Living Synonymous to Nursing Home Care?

Senior Care in Gulf BreezeIt’s not easy to leave your elderly parents in the care of others. But in some cases, you need to as you can no longer assist them no matter how much you want to. In terms of choosing a new home for them, it is critical to understand that a nursing home is different from an assisted living facility.

Here’s a quick overview of the differences between these two care facilities:

Living Environment

Typically, rooms in nursing homes resemble hospital rooms, as most residents require regular medical care. They have separate communal living and dining areas. However, they usually don’t have many amenities for recreational activities as the majority of the residents are physically unable to participate.

Assisted living facilities look like apartments, with residents living in individual units that they decorate themselves. According to Watermark of Gulf Breeze, these places often have communal dining, living, and recreation areas. After all, the facility provides scheduled community activities such as art classes and group exercise.

Medical and Personal Care

Primarily, nursing homes is a medical facility for seniors with different levels of cognitive impairment and other health conditions. These facilities don’t only take care of the elderlies on a daily basis, but they can also provide immediate care in times of medical emergencies.

On the other hand, assisted living communities are non-medical care facilities. Their focus is to provide seniors with a healthy and dynamic social environment that helps prevent isolation and improve cognitive function. If a resident needs emergent medical care, the facility will help them to get proper care in a hospital outside the community.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities cater to different needs of seniors. If your elderly parent is still physically healthy but needs a strong social support, assisted living community is ideal for them. But if your senior parent can no longer walk to the bathroom on their own, a nursing home is the better facility for them.