Invisalign Review by Real People

InvisalignReviews are only as good as the people that post them, and not all can be reliable. If you are considering braces for your teeth, you can benefit from an Invisalign review from people who wore it.

MiSmile has compiled a summary of experiences by people posted online about Invisalign.

Comments from

Mombojombo says, ‘Not personally, but my aunt-in-law (if such a thing there be) and a good friend have both had them and raved about the results. They definitely both said it was worth the expense, and their teeth look good to an outsider – though I thought they were fine before’!

DilysPrice says, ‘I wanted to, but my dentist said I couldn’t get a decent result with Invisalign and would need actual full braces, at which point I lost interest’.

BrikSchittHaus says, “ooh I’ve just completed my treatment, will be having my retainers fitted over the next few weeks. It has made such a difference to me confidence-wise, as a smile is one of the first things you notice about a person’.

Comments from elsewhere

Carrie says, ‘Until I tell people, they usually don’t notice my aligners at all. People might notice that something is slightly off, as wearing bits of plastic around your teeth isn’t exactly natural, but the more you get used to them, the easier it is to hide them’.

‘In total, I will have to wear my Invisalign aligners for nearly two years. It sounded like such a long time when I began the treatment (my first thoughts when I got them were HOW ON EARTH am I going to put up with this junk in my mouth for two years?!) but time has flown by, and I can’t believe how fast they work’!

Dollface says, ‘Overall, I’m really pleased I decided to go through with Invisalign, and although it hasn’t created the perfect smile, it has made enough of a difference that when the dentist pulled up the “before” photos of my teeth on his computer a few weeks ago, I honestly didn’t realise it was my teeth I was looking at. In fact, my first thought was, “I wonder why he’s showing me this poor person’s teeth?” and my second was, “Wow, I’m glad they’re not mine!” (The third needless to say, was “Thank God I got Invisalign…”)’.

In conclusion, Invisalign is a treatment option for people who do not want conventional braces. While there are limits to what it can do, and it is more expensive than metal braces, it works well with the right patients. Consult with your dentist about getting Invisalign today.