Innovations in Dental Practice Processes to Boost Profitability

DentistDental practices should continue to improve their processes and patient relationships because they are the main drivers of profitability. They should prioritize customer care and service efficiency, down from the very basics such as enhancing customer satisfaction to enhancing processes with IT solutions.

Improving Practices and Processes

According to experts, improving patient experience drives higher patient retention. They key to improving practice profitability is to create more efficient processes and to increase the practitioner-patient ratio.

It should start from the very basic, such as enhancing customer appointment schemes by using online calendars and sending out schedule notifications via mobile phone. Dental practices should also focus on improving online patient scheduling and registration.

If the practice provides easy-to-use and accessible online registration software, patients will no longer have to call. Hence, if assistants receive lesser calls per day, they can have more time to focus on operations in the clinic. In addition, a friendly, comfortable clinic, which Caring Smiles Dental Clinic incorporates now, can also influence patient retention and satisfaction.

Another strategy is to incorporate a circular, multi-chair design in the clinic’s main operatory in such a way that one orthodontist can oversee several assistants and two or three admin times as many patients. This way, a practice can increase the number of patients that their staff can entertain within the day.

Moving Towards a Digital Future

Just like everything else, dental practice is also heading towards a digital future. A study published in the Journal of Oral Implantology looks into how digital software can cut the cost of dental implants and improve the procedure. Today, a surgeon’s manual skills are still needed to carry out implant treatment.

Manual procedure is usually time-consuming and requires more effort on the part of the surgeon. But, with digital technology, there is a possibility that implants can only take two visits, without the need for impressions, lab procedures, and advanced manual skills.

Going completely digital means being paperless which will then trim the costs for office supplies. Digital alternatives will improve efficiency of keeping dental records, imaging, and practice management.

Experts say that, since many people are often hesitant to visit dentists regularly because of certain fears, dental practices should always prioritize a high level of care for their patients to make sure that they come back for their next visit. This day, they will increase the profit of their practice without having to spend much on marketing campaigns. Word of mouth is still the gold standard.