Improve Your Clinical Practice with EMR Speech Recognition

An EMR System Proper data documentation is paramount to ensuring safe and quality care for your clients. With the advent of modern technology, the once pen-and-paper method of creating histories, doctor’s orders, and other relevant healthcare documents have slowly shifted to electronic forms.

Now, electronic medical records are starting to gain widespread use among health care institutions. EMR speech recognition technology is the latest innovation in modern health care solutions.

What is this technology about, and how does it benefit clinicians and their clients?

Defining the Technology

EMR has made client data collection easier for clinicians. With the old technology, doctors like you have to record notes through a microphone and have a medical transcriptionist transcribe your spoken notes in document form. Once done, you get the document for final edits and approval.

EMR speech recognition is different. You speak into software that recognizes your own voice and displays words as you speak. You are free to check if the words recognized by the software are accurate.

You will not need a transcriptionist to decode your spoken documentations; your document appears in front of you as you speak, and you are free to edit simultaneously as you wish.

What You Get from EMR Speech Recognition

This newest technology for completing EMRs offers you many practical benefits:

  • The ability to record your findings in your own words, never missing any piece of vital client assessment and information.
  • Eliminating the need for you to do tedious documentation work, thus, improving productivity and providing more time for your patients.
  • A shorter hospital stay for your patients.
  • Better patient service and more accurate care plans for their recovery.
  • Reduced costs for production of your patients’ medical records, since you need not hire transcriptionists anymore.
  • Faster billing and reimbursement processes.
  • Better cash flow because of faster transactions.

To conclude, technology for speech recognition has gained attention of more and more physicians. Using EMR software enables you to deliver safe, effective, and quality care to your patients at the fastest possible time.