How to Spice Up Your Tour of Bath

Women enjoying their hot spring bathA vast majority of people seem to be quite used to taking extended vacations so short breaks may appear counter-intuitive to them. However, psychologists argue that short breaks stimulate more nostalgic memories than the long holidays.

Recommending multiple holiday trips a year, behavioural economist and Duke University professor, Dan Ariely opines that diminishing returns sets in quickly for vacations, hence the advice to travel up to four times annually.

Considering its distinction as UK’s only entire city designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, a short break in Bath is an exciting proposition. Here are three activities to make your short vacation memorable.

Endurance Sports Events

While London tops the list of cities in the UK with endurance sports events, you can still work up a decent amount of sweat in fourth-placed Bath.

The University of Bath still possesses excellent facilities and activities such as the Bath Bike and annual half-marathon among others. Additionally, the event registration fee will not drill a hole in your holiday account.

Experience Jane Austen

If you ever desired to experience the Regency era, visiting the Jane Austen Centre is one of the best ways of doing so. From the Centre’s Georgian design to the available Regency period costumes, there is no shortage of opportunities for immersion in the society that Jane Austen apparently loved.

Roman Hot Springs

Deep beneath the city of Bath are natural hot springs and its thermal waters remain a famous attraction for tourists and residents alike. The spa pool is available for you to taste just as you can experience the ancient ruins from over 2,000 years ago.

People typically welcome the opportunity to go on holidays more often. If the combination of contemporary and Regency era excites you, then taking those short breaks in Bath will be a worthwhile experience. Of course, you can also explore other options. Just enjoy yourself.