How Many Times Have You Taken Flossing For Granted?

Dentist in South BendBrushing your teeth before bed is one thing while not forgetting to floss is another. You are doing your dental health a massive disservice by skipping on this important aspect of your nightly cleaning routine. You might think brushing is enough but in reality, it is not. Your teeth are still in danger of acquiring damages that can be hard to repair.

Here is why, according to Mahoney Family Dentistry, you should not take flossing for granted.

The In-Between

Cleaning on the surface is easy. Sometimes, you do not even need a brush for it. The thing you really have to watch out for is the things stuck in between the teeth. The bristles of the brush are ineffective when it comes to reaching this numerous corners of your teeth. Your toothbrush is not built for this purpose. This is where your dental floss comes in to save the day. You should not only use it when you feel like something is stuck between your teeth. Plaque can slowly build up in between and this is the main cause of dental problems.

The Thing About Plaque

Plaque is a sticky substance that contains millions of bacteria your dentist in South Bend, IN warned you about. They feast on food particles left in your mouth after eating a meal. Along the way, plaque may build up and harden, making it harder to remove. It also causes bacteria to concentrate on attacking specific portions of your teeth. As bacteria eat away at your enamel, your tooth begins to develop cavities. When they get to the nerve endings inside the tooth that is when things take a painful turn for the worst.

Most toothaches come from unhealthy cleaning habits. Never forgetting to floss can contribute to a better-looking set of teeth and a toothache-free life. Do not take this activity for granted.