How dental implants can change your life for the better

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the only way to replace the root sections of lost natural teeth. They are small titanium screws or posts that act as bionic tooth roots, holding a crown, bridge, or denture firmly in place, and freeing you from the chains of loose-fitting false teeth.

Smylife in Manchester uses a bespoke dental implants system called SmyOne, developed by the world renowned Dr Tiziano Testori, to ensure perfect implant treatment every time. This 3D technology encompasses the full process, from treatment planning to the placement of aesthetically pleasing, functional, and natural looking teeth.

Whatever the reason for your tooth loss, all dentists would recommend that you replace your missing teeth one way or another. Dental implants are the only permanent way to do so, and the only one that in addition to keeping your new teeth secure also helps to preserve the health and density of your jaw bone by providing continued stimulation.

Jaw bones start to resorb (shrink back) when the natural teeth are missing for any period of time, because they no longer have the stimulation provided by tooth roots when biting and chewing food. Because dental implants are bionic tooth roots, they help to prevent this.

The placement of dental implants is a skilled, meticulous process. You will need a thorough assessment prior to a treatment plan being drawn up, which will include scans to check your current level of bone density. For those who have already suffered some bone loss, there is no need to panic; bone grafting procedures can be used to rebuild your jaw bone to adequate levels to support dental implants in the vast majority of cases.

Life benefits of dental implants

Dental implants and the new teeth attached to them are designed to be a long-term solution; in fact, they can last a lifetime as long as you look after them and visit your dentist regularly.

Because they will fit your mouth perfectly, and stay fitted, dental implants make it easy to eat a balanced diet, without having to worry about being unable to chew many foods. They also avoid the speech issues that are often associated with traditional dentures.

Loose-fitting false teeth can damage your confidence; dental implants can help to rectify this.