How Can You Tell If the Dentist Provides Quality Dental Care?

Dental Care in IdahoAdmit it or not, dental care is often overlooked – and the main culprit is the fear to go to the dentist’s clinic. However, dental care is important if you don't want an unsightly smile and excruciating pain. 

So if you have the fear that your dentist will not serve you well, here are signs that will tell you if they are trustworthy:

Uses advanced technology.

If you see your dentist using digital X-rays, it’s a sign that you should trust him. Digital X-rays are used because they provide more accurate results and they emit less radiation as opposed to old-fashioned X-rays. Some cavities cannot be detected using conventional X-ray machines, and is especially useful for emergency dental care when time is of the essence. So the next time you visit a dentist, see if he’s using updated dental tools and instruments.

Practices good hygiene while performing dental tasks.

A dentist should practice good hygiene because their hands are in direct contact with your mouth, and contamination can easily occur if the dentist’s hands are dirty. Make sure that your dentist uses gloves before he examines your mouth. Changing gloves many times during a procedure is also necessary. Another important sign is when the dentist is sterilizing the dental tools that he will use in any dental procedure. Dental instruments should be placed in a specialized sealed bag to ensure its sterility.

The dentist asks for your previous records.

If you are a new patient, it is imperative for your dentist to ask for your previous records. This is to make sure that they know your dental history, especially your X-rays. Your dentist should ask you if you have had an X-ray done within a 6-month period, because conducting this procedure so soon can expose you to needless radiation. Also, if your dentist asks for your past records, you can be assured that he’s organized enough to know what’s wrong and what’s right for the patients.

These are only some of the important signs one should check out to determine if the dentist will likely provide you quality dental care.