Hiding Hair Loss: A Temporary Solution to the Problem

FUE Transplant in the UKNot everyone gets to enjoy a great volume of hair on his or her heads. Some men may find themselves at the top of their game but their head is not just going along with it. It can be a cause of self-esteem issue for some, while others desperately try to avoid hair loss from happening. You may have tried all other solutions advertised on TV to combat hair loss but you have to face it. You are losing more than what you are growing every day.

While you are still deciding if you should undergo an FUE transplant in the UK, you may want to try to cover the problem instead. 

Here are some ways that might help you: 

The Right Haircut

Sometimes, all it takes is going to a barber you trust who knows how to make illusions out of hair. When you have a noticeable thinning patch above your forehead, you can try to hide it by always keeping the sides short. It only becomes apparent that the top of your head is losing hair when the sides start outgrowing it. Sticking with the faux hawk may help you hide this imperfection while also looking sharp at best. If all else fails, you can simply go for the buzz cut.


If going full bald is scary for you, you might want to stick with your current hairstyle. The problem, however, is that thinning patches are becoming more visible to all the people you talk to. What you can do is get concealers that can fill in colour in your scalp. This creates an illusion that you have a thick head of hair when you actually do not. Just be careful in wearing white and accidentally staining your clothes in the process.

Hair loss is a battle most men have to face. You have to learn how to cope until you are ready to take a permanent step.