Healthcare During the First Three Months of Pregnancy

Pregnancy Management in Salt Lake CityThe first three months of pregnancy is one of the most important phases of the whole life-giving process. It is during this time that the different cells of the body are slowly taking shape to form tissues. These tissues then clump together to form the different organs of the body. By the end of the third month, the embryo inside the mother’s womb already have the vital organs. However, these may not be fully functional yet.

It is thus very important for mothers to take care of themselves during this period. As a general rule, anything taken or anything that can severely affect the way cells and tissues are built in the embryo can have a significant effect on the baby’s future.

If you are in your first three months of pregnancy, you will receive the following care from your obstetrician.

Estimation of Your Time of Delivery

Your obstetrician will use the last day of your last menstrual period as a basis for the estimation of the most probable time that you will have to be confined for delivery. This is necessary to create a picture of what your baby looks like at any given period of time.

Comprehensive Physical Examination

This is very important in order to establish a baseline data for future reference. Additionally, any organic health conditions that are present can be managed in an unconventional way simply because the first three months of embryonic development is particularly vulnerable to maternal stresses.

Your obstetrician will make an accurate assessment of your BMI as a basis for your expected weight gain throughout the duration of the pregnancy. This can alert your obstetrician for any possible abnormalities should your weight gain does not follow the expectations.

Undergo Lab Tests

Your obstetrician or pregnancy doctor in Salt Lake City like will order several laboratory tests for you. This is needed to ascertain your fitness to continue with the pregnancy and that you do not harbor chemicals or substances that may affect the viability of the embryo. Your blood type and Rh status will be determined as well as your hemoglobin levels. Additionally, your immune system functioning will also be evaluated.


Your obstetrician will discuss with you’re the importance of prenatal vitamins and good nutrition. Avoiding stress and promoting relaxation will be at the core of the health teaching sessions. Additionally, you will be taught on the different discomforts associated with pregnancy and how best to manage them.

Bringing life into this world is a privilege that only women enjoy. However, it is a very big responsibility and as such, it is important to seek appropriate healthcare especially during the first three months of pregnancy.