Going Blonde: The Things You Should Know

Blonde HairAlthough anyone can pull off blonde hair given the right attitude, maintaining it is also a must. The thing is, some women don’t think twice about going blonde, not realising that having blonde hair needs commitment. If you’re thinking of going blonde or thinking of fixing your nightmarish blonde hair, pay attention.

Don’t Be Matchy-Matchy

Don’t choose a blonde shade that matches your skin colour, as the contrast between your skin and your hair colour is vital to avoid appearing washed out. More importantly, take note that orange isn’t a blonde shade and brassy, orange colour will not look good on anyone.

Be Tone Conscious

According to expert hairdressers in Perth, the best hair colours for you, blonde or not, are those that take their cues from your skin tone. Those with perfect peaches and cream skin tones are lucky since they can pull off virtually any blonde shade. For those with reddish to pinkish undertones, lighter blondes work best, while for those with golden, yellow, or green undertones, warmer blondes are best. Those with darker skin but without undertones can pull off almost all blonde shades since they won’t have to balance out any undertones.

Think Multi

Multi-tonal blonde hair colour is great since you also add more dimension by adding lowlights and highlights. Don’t just highlight over your highlights since you’ll just end up with a completely damaged hair. Vary your highlights and lowlights with contrasting blondes. The waves of dark and light blonde hues can also make your hair appear thicker and volumised.

Blonde Upkeep

With all the advanced hair colour technologies and products out in the market, there’s no reason why you can’t maintain your blonde hair. But, since the whole procedure strips out colour from your hair, your hair’s texture may have problems that only professionals can fix. This is the reason proper maintenance is important.

In general, shampoo your hair only when you need to and use sulfate-free shampoos if you can. Weekly deep conditioning treatments is also a must to avoid having dry hair or you can opt to go the salon and treat your locks to a deep conditioning treatment every month. Lastly, choose products specifically developed for blonde or colour treated hair since these tend to be gentler.