Getting Inked 101: Safety Considerations When Choosing a Tattoo Artist

Getting a TattooIf you’re 100% sure that you want to get a tattoo, you have to make sure that you choose a tattoo artist and shop that’s safe and legitimate. But how exactly do you know which are safe and legitimate?

Seventh Circle Tattoo Studio and other tattoo shops in Brisbane City list what factors to take note of when making a choice:

  • Make sure that your chosen tattoo artist knows and applies the Code of Practice for Skin Penetration Procedures.
  • The artist, as well as the studio, must be tidy and clean. The artist must wash their hands thoroughly before and after each session, especially when taking a break.
  • The artist should wear fresh, disposable gloves on their hands and nothing must touch them except the needle, tattoo machine and your skin. It’s common that your artist changes gloves many times during a session.
  • All equipment must be sterilised and your artist must be capable of explaining to you their sterilisation techniques.
  • All equipment for penetrating your skin, like needles, must be new, sealed and disposed of properly after use. Preparation equipment, such as spatulas and stencils, should likewise be used only once.
  • Tattoo inks, creams, and cleaning solutions used onto your skin must be placed in a disposable, sterile container and discarded after your session.
  • Your tattoo artist should clean and properly disinfect your skin before starting the procedure, and make sure all work areas are clean and sanitised between clients.

Keep in mind that it is ultimately your job to choose a tattoo artist who possesses the cleanliness and precision of an experienced surgeon and the genius of a master artist. This could mean that you may have to invest more money or even travel to another city to make sure you get the level of expertise and safety you expect.