From the Dentist: Better Habits for a Brighter Smile

Girl with a Beautiful Smile from TaurangaA trip to the dentist usually is usually pricey but people somehow cannot avoid it. There would always be at least one time in their lives when they really had to visit the dentist and it does not matter whether they have a perfect set of teeth or not. Sometimes, it is about their habit.

Here is what Tauranga's dentist, Harley Dentistry, has to say about the following habits that are damaging to the teeth that people are usually unaware of.

Poor toothbrush habit

This is very old and very common. Everybody knows when to brush teeth, i.e. every after meals, but still most people will not even bother to bring their toothbrush to work. Aside from that, you should know the proper way of brushing. Brush in a gentle, circular manner while holding the brush against your teeth firmly. How long? It is recommended to brush your teeth around three to four minutes.

Use mouth to open

People are more resourceful in opening up a bag of crisps–using their teeth. This is a widely used practice but is definitely not recommended. Some more brave people even use their mouth to open beer bottles. Use scissors or bottle openers because if done wrong, you will end up having an open wound instead of an open bottle!


Eating sweets is one of the capital sins in the world of dentistry but dentists cannot stop people from this sweet habit because, well, it is undeniably good. However, what irks them is how people have the guts to actually bite hard ones like jawbreakers. In fact, there is strong evidence why they're called 'jawbreakers', after all.


Smoking does not only affect the lungs, but also oral health. While most people are aware of this, they are not aware of the extent of its effects to the oral cavity. Aside from staining teeth due to nicotine, it can also cause loss of teeth, gum diseases, or worse, oral cancer.

Most of these habits do not only affect the oral cavity. A little discipline requires a little sacrifice, but this sacrifice can go a long way saving not only your teeth and mouth but also your body as a whole.