Finding The Real Score on Whitening Toothpastes

Woman brushing her teeth

This popular product has been around for quite some time. Brands that advertise are vying for your patronage. You may even have been using one yourself because you feel accustomed to doing so. Brands claiming to have whitening properties have been the standard of your toiletries for years. But have you ever wondered if any of them actually work?

The sure fire way of getting whiter teeth is setting an appointment with your cosmetic dentist. Teeth whitening methods such as bleaching give you an instant shade lighter unlike toothpaste. While these whitening toothpastes may work, it does not guarantee a long-lasting effect, Monkmoor Dental Practice claims. Here are some other things you may believe in.

Everyone Has a Different Set of Teeth

Your teeth will just be as white as its natural colour. Toothpaste cannot all of a sudden bring you a shade you do not naturally have. This is simply genetics, and something you buy from the grocery store cannot change. They can only remove surface level staining from plaque buildup or the acidic foods you eat. While it can scrub discoloration out of the first layer, it can never replace the real colour of your teeth.

Getting That Instant White

Some advertisements may claim that your teeth can get whiter just by regularly brushing your teeth with the product. The effect is only minimal or temporary. This is because brushing your teeth may only take up two to three minutes. Even bleaching products need to be in contact with your teeth for a long time for it to work. You cannot expect the same result as bleaching just by a quick brush with whitening toothpaste daily.

Achieving whiter teeth does not necessarily take so much hard work. A simple visit to your cosmetic dentist and an array of whitening options should do the trick.