Factsheet: Know How to Effectively Manage Post Thromobotic Syndrome

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You may have heard of a neighbor or a relative who is wearing compression stockings to prevent complications of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). While this intervention is rather accessible, it is not always effective in lowering the risk for complications. Post-thrombotic syndrome (PTS) involves additional damage to the brain, which elevates the pressure, even more, resulting in a notorious cycle that leads to pain and disability.

If you have recently been diagnosed with a clotting problem, it pays to understand the course of the disease, the most effective post-thrombotic syndrome treatment, and how to prevent medical complications.

Problems associated with PTS

A realistic perspective is favorable, as it prepares you for what is to come. While many recovers from DVT, PTS is a chronic problem you are likely to run into. The condition will manifest as painful sores, damage to the skin, and swelling of the distal extremity. The severity of the DVT is directly proportional to the extent of PTS symptoms. More than 300,000 Americans are dealing with these symptoms, which arise within six months of initial diagnosis of DVT, at the earliest. Know your risk. Ask your doctor if you are at risk for a post-thrombotic event. Most importantly, ask for effective measures to lower the likelihood of developing PTS.

The affected vein

To understand PTS, also known as the post-phlebitic syndrome (PPS) is characterized by chronic venous insufficiency. When the walls and valves of a deep vein have physical damage brought about by a thrombosis (DVT), the vein loses the ability to pump blood back to the heart effectively. Even when there is no a persistent obstruction the pressure within the vein will increase because of the injury. This leads to the obvious symptoms of discoloration, swelling, and pain on the affected leg.

You do not have to suffer through the discomfort brought about by PTS. Modern medicine can manage the symptoms with prescription drugs, devices, and surgical procedures. Spare no resource in finding the best medical team in your area for a successful treatment.