Facts You May Not Know About Marriage

Married Couple in DenverWe all come to that point we get tired of partying, living alone and doing things by ourselves. Eventually, we will decide we’re ready to get hitched. Choosing a spouse, however, is not as easy as getting a new roommate. Apart from sharing everything with another person, you’re bound to live with the "One" under one roof, raise a family, grow old together, etc.

If you think you ARE ready for the big leap, here are some interesting facts about marriage you need to know, as revealed by various studies.

Wives worry more than husbands when their spouses fall ill.

A study from Rutgers University revealed that women are more prone to constant agitation when their better half get sick, but this isn’t true among husbands. Women personally take care of their sick husbands whereas, if she gets sick, a caregiver takes charge, not the husband. Worse, the man may leave the wife, which is not what the “in sickness and health” means, but couples separating because of a severe disease do happen.

A happy wife leads to a happy married life.

Fewer arguments and feeling appreciated make a woman satisfied and pleased. If she feels happy, she will do everything for her marriage. Even marriage counselors in Denver recommend that men should always make time for their wives, make sure that they show appreciation, and they find ways to make her smile every so often. When the wife is happy, the husband is even happier.

A big wedding is more likely to succeed than a small one.

Researchers found out that couples who had a formal wedding ceremony were happier in their marriages than those who did not have a formal one. It must be because those who opted for a small wedding are uncertain while those who had a public one are more committed. However, the fact remains that arguments between husbands and wives are inevitable. If you’re having marital problems, professionals like marriage counselors can help you.

Married couples are healthier than the unmarried ones.

A study discovered that there is less premature death among married couples. Wives encourage their husbands to exercise, eat healthy, and see the doctor regularly. Looking out and having each other is an enough reason to stay healthy.

Married couples with children are more likely to stay together.

Children with married parents have a greater chance of growing up together as a family. In the case of conflict or misunderstanding, a married couple would try to settle their differences because of the children. On the other hand, it is somehow easier for couples who are not married to just separate, leaving the children to grow up with either one of them or with a relative.

Marriage is a lifetime commitment. If conflicts get in the way, there are some people, including reputable professionals who can help you out. Don’t hesitate to get help.