Expat and Insurance: Here’s Why You should Get a Health Plan

Digital Health Insurance ApplicationFor expats looking to work or retire outside North America and Europe, making sure that you receive quality healthcare is a priority. This can be a difficult standard to match as the US, Britain, and the European Union all set the bar high when it comes to healthcare. Other countries aren’t always able to keep up.

If you are staying in the Philippines, however, this might not be much of a problem. The country generally has good medical services, which are available at reasonable rates. While the costs of healthcare are much lower than what expats would normally pay in their country of origin, professionals still advise applying for private personal health insurance as an added measure of protection, though.

Private Insurance on Top of Employer Coverage

Most instances, coverage offered by an expat’s employer are enough to cover medical costs. In instances where the host country is merely a stopover rather than a destination, however, plenty of expats discover that they aren’t covered when it’s time to make a claim. Employer health coverage is also unlikely to pay out in cases where the expat has to terminate their contract due to injury or sickness.

While the country’s government offers a public health service, expats may not have access to the same benefits. In such cases, private health coverage is essential.

Coping with Emergencies

The Philippines offers quality medical care. Many of its doctors and nurses have taken supplementary education and training abroad, and the bigger clinics and hospitals are usually well-equipped. Due to the higher compensation offered abroad, however, many health professionals are choosing to practice their field outside of the country. The shortage of hospital staff, in turn, makes it difficult to administer medical care efficiently.

Additionally, expats should look for health coverage that includes medical evacuation to nearby countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, or Thailand.

Applying for personal private insurance on top of your employer policy can give expats peace of mind in a medical emergency. When looking for a personal private cover, getting in touch with reputable providers who have knowledge working with expats is key.