EEOICPA: How Much Do You Know about it?

Home CareThe Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program Act or EEOICPA is a law passed over a decade ago to compensate workers and contractors who become ill or impaired as a result of being exposed to radiations and other harmful substances. The implementation of these laws may differ in some states. Nuclear Care Partners explains that EEOICPA claims are benefits packages in a lump sum payment for former employees and medical benefits to injured employees.

All workers in this sector are advised to seek help from advocates in order to understand the clauses before signing to bind the agreement. This understanding is vital for one to know the kind of illnesses covered, which improves the compensation claiming process. The benefits are subdivided into broad categories.

Part B benefits

These are claims for workers and contractors of the DOE who either became impaired or developed chronic diseases while working in a power station or a nuclear plant. The benefits include all medical expense cover and a lump sum amounting to 150,000. The calculation is done from the date when the claim was filed by the affected person. This is generally a benefit plan for people who have suffered less severe damages or are at a cancer stage that can be treated.

Part E benefits

This is for workers who have severe damages on their bodies, making working entirely impossible. The amount claimed is for the loss of wage because one has stopped working in the plant for some years. There are special compensations for a worker who has a body part completely impaired. This may amount to $2,500 per part. The estimated amount of total benefits adds up to $250,000. If the worker is already dead, benefits are passed to the next of kin.

The act is quite detailed. Understand all the requirements and the claim process so you get proper compensation.