Don’t Let Your Children Lose their Baby Teeth Too Soon

Children's Dental HealthAs children grow, they lose their baby teeth. As such, it’s a common notion that decay in baby teeth is not an issue, as the child meant to lose them anyway. But don’t you know that children who lose their baby teeth too soon are bound for serious oral health problems?

Role of Baby Teeth

When baby teeth come in, they have usually spaced apart. The spaces between them serve as placeholders for the permanent teeth that will come in the future. The early loss of baby teeth due to tooth decay usually causes other baby teeth to close in, taking up the space for the permanent teeth.  As a result, permanent teeth would come in crooked or they’d be too crowded. Misaligned teeth usually cause a child to develop other oral health problems, as well as lower self-esteem.

If your child has crooked or overcrowded teeth, you might need to provide them with dental braces. Dentists usually recommend the use of dental braces to correct the misaligned teeth of children.

Care for Baby Teeth

Many dentists recommend oral care even before the baby teeth erupt. You must regularly clean your infant’s tongue and gums by using water and finger-sized towels. Once the baby teeth erupt, you should bring your child for an immediate check up. You need to control the child’s food intake as well since sugary snacks often cause cavities.

When you take good care of your child’s baby teeth, it is likely that they won’t develop early tooth decay. Hence, you lower the risk of losing their baby teeth too soon, as well as developing overcrowded or crooked permanent teeth.

Most baby teeth remain until age eight while some even stay until early teenage years. So, it is essential that you guide your children on taking care of their teeth until they can do it by themselves. Remember, the success of having a perfect set of teeth starts even before the baby teeth erupt.