Diminishing Cracks in Your Smile: The Dental Advantage of White Fillings

Cosmetic DentistFrom black fillings to poisonous mercury amalgams, everyone, for certain levels to keep their smiles intact.

But, according to Jiva Dental, you don’t need to put yourself in danger these days — especially when your only problem is a tiny bit of cavity in your teeth.

There are now white fillings that offer a safe and proactive solution so can smile your fullest, safest, and brightest. Below you will find facts why white fillings are all that you need.

The Material, the Process, the Application

Compared to deadly mercury and heavy metal filling substances, white fillings are a mixture of non-toxic plastic and glass particles. White filling works like just any other material. Dentists simply remove the decayed area of the tooth and spread in the filling. But, being non-poisonous isn’t only the advantage of this material.

It Looks the Most Natural

When it comes to restoring the natural look of your teeth, white fillings are indeed the best. Since its white in colour, you can expect it to look exactly as a natural part of the teeth. White fillings are also flexible e so your dentist can blend no matter the shade of your teeth.

It Sticks for Good

The resin material of white filling perfect combines with your teeth. Since it’s also from plastic and glass substances, you can expect a genuinely stable feel every time you smile, eat, or talk. It also helps prevent any further damage to the damage teeth by closing in the cavities and cracks completely.

It Doesn’t Store the Cold or the Hot

Other filling substances sometimes preserve the temperature of the food or drink that you eat. For this reason, those who have typical fillings experience sensitivity. But, thanks to the insulation and neutral properties of plastic and glass, you don’t have to worry about any stinging pains anymore.

White fillings are currently the best way to quickly and efficiently close the cavities in your smile. What’s more is that it looks and feels natural too!