Different Types of Cufflinks: Choosing the Right One for You

exquisite cufflinksA cufflink is a fastener that closes the holes in the cuffs of a long sleeved shirt. It is detachable, while buttons are not. Despite the fancier look, you can use it not only on formal occasions, but also on casual events as long as you have a long-sleeved shirt with holed cuffs.

Industry professional Karv Luxury shares that a quality cufflink works by securing itself from either sides of the opening of the cuff. It has an embellished large head or so-called “insert member.” It is a post that leads from the large head to the hinged toggle, which is then suspended from the post. There are many types, which differ from each other by appearance and by mechanism on how they work.

Bullet Back and Toggle Closure

– These are the most commonly used type of cufflinks since men can fasten them easily. Turn the bullet-shaped backing vertically at 90 degrees in between posts, then insert in in the cuff holes horizontally to lock it.

Whale back closure

– Similar to bullet back cufflinks, only this has a post with a flat “whale tail” on it. They are easy to use too, due to their small size, shape, and weight of the tail.

Fixed backing

– This kind is when the post and the toggle are a one whole piece, attached to the back of the head. There may be no moving parts so it is harder to use, but this makes it a better choice for long-term use.

Chain link

– Being the original design of cufflinks, it works by securing the cufflinks with a fine chain, which gives a more relaxed cuff. It can be also nice to look at on either side, so there are reversible varieties of this kind.

Ball Return

– It is finer than the bullet back cufflinks, which closes either with chains or in fixed style. This is advisable for those who are more experienced in wearing cufflinks.

There is a wide variety of cufflinks available for you to choose from but sometimes, you feel that none of it fits you. It should not be a problem, though, as companies offer hand-sculpted bespoke cufflinks. It costs a little more but it will be worth it because these companies make unique cufflinks to put your personality in it without having to sacrifice your comfort in using it. Just pick the right company who will make your dream cufflinks.