Dental Implants: What to Expect During the Procedure

Dental Implants ProcedureTooth loss may affect your confidence in many ways. Fortunately, dental implants may serve as replacements for your missing tooth and bring back your sparkling smile. Made from titanium or titanium alloys, implants fuse directly to the bone. These provide a stable support for teeth replacements, such as dentures and bridges.

Before getting dental implants, the dentist checks your overall dental health, the number of teeth involved and the teeth that require replacement. If you only need a single tooth implant, the procedure may take 2 hours. What goes on during the procedure?

First appointment

During your first visit, your dentist comes up with a treatment plan that outlines the next steps of the procedure. Additionally, your dentist will check the space in your mouth to take an impression of your teeth. Dentists use the impression to create a new artificial tooth. During this time, it’s important to stay away from anything that irritates your mouth until the extracted area heals.

Inserting the implant

To ensure correct implant positioning, X-ray may be taken during and after the procedure. Your dentist may drill a hole in the gum to provide adequate space for the implant. As explains, ‘There is no pain at the time of the procedure (generally undertaken under local anaesthetic)’. You will have time to heal to allow the implant to fuse with your jawbone — this may take a few weeks or even months. An abutment is then added to the tip, as this allows the assembly of the artificial crown.

Attaching the crown

To secure the implants, you may need an attachment of the crown. This may be done through a series of appointments with your dentist to create an impression of a crown that resembles your natural teeth. You may experience some slight discomfort, but this can be managed with antibiotics and prescribed pain medications.

Consult your dentist to know more about the procedure. This will give more light on what dental implants can offer to your smile.