Dental Implants: The Answer to Denture Sufferers’ Prayers?

Dental ImplantsAre loose dentures making your life a nightmare? Then you are not alone. The majority of people who wear traditional, removable dentures will experience some problems with the fit, which can cause issues with speech, diet, and confidence, and is primarily caused by shrinking of the jaw bone and recession of the gum tissue.

A shrinking jaw bone is one of the most common side-effects of losing many or all of your natural teeth. It is caused when the tooth roots are missing for any period of time, and the problem with traditional dentures is that whilst they replace the crowns of the teeth, they fail to address the problem of missing roots.

There is only one way a dentist can replace tooth roots, and that is with dental implants. Dental Care Partnership in Sutton Coldfield offers denture stabilisation using dental implants, as well as the alternative of having a full-arch dental bridge, which is often a more secure option.

Whilst a traditional dental bridge can only replace one or two teeth, and is supported by crowns or wings on adjacent teeth, an implant-retained bridge requires no support from anything other than the dental implants. Implant-retained bridges can also contain many more teeth – a full arch of teeth can be restored this way.

Whether you choose to have a bridge or to have your dentures stabilised, you will soon be reaping the benefits of implant treatment. These include:

  • Having teeth that are realistic in terms of action and appearance
  • Being able to eat what you like – including the occasional treat – with no fear of your dentures causing pain/discomfort
  • Speaking and even singing clearly and confidently
  • Being able to smile with confidence, and enjoy an active social life unencumbered by loose dentures.

Dental implants usually require at least three months to integrate with your jaw bone. During this healing period you should be able to wear your old dentures with no problems, although your dentist will need to adjust them to fit over the implants.

Once healing is complete, your dentures or bridge will be attached. Bridgework is designed to stay in place permanently, whilst dentures can be fixed or removable.