Corporate Party? Here’s How to Choose the Right Menu

Corporate Party in LuausCorporate parties are fun. They give you a chance to loosen up and socialise with people you have not considered you’d socialise with. While they’re fun, organising them isn’t always like that. This is especially true when it comes to planning the menu.

Planning the menu isn’t always easy, even if you hire the best corporate function venues with caterers or restaurateurs. The first thing you need to ask yourself is “Are they going to like it?” which is not always easy to gauge.

Here are some tips to make this a whole lot lighter:

The Vibe of the Event

The vibe of the event is one of the first things you need to consider, especially if the guests (which include the bosses) are very particular with consistency. If the theme of the soiree were Hawaiian, it wouldn’t make sense to give your guests risotto or pasta. Instead, you should offer dishes that are seen in Luaus, such as skewers, salads, and egg rolls.

The Range

If you don’t have a definite theme for the party, just use the prevailing season as a reference. In case the event falls within the cold seasons, it would be nice to offer dishes that are usually made during these times. Soups should make an appearance, of course. Gourmet casseroles and roast meats also make a perfect choice. For desserts, Pavlova and levelled-up eggnog are a sure win.

The Bar

This is something you need to consider thoroughly, especially if not everyone is a big drinker. Nevertheless, it’d be fun if you’ll have this at the venue. Offer both cocktails and mocktails to accommodate all types of drinkers. If you want to prevent incidents and damages due to drunkenness, you may want to set a time limit to the bar.

The fun of a corporate party all depends on how well you would organise it. Keep these tips in mind and work with a reliable party planner and caterer to ensure the success of the gathering.