Celebrity Smiles: Famous Faces with Dental Implants

Dental Implant in ShrewsburyPeople who are not confident with their smiles should not worry as there are cosmetic dental procedures available to take care of the issue. One of these procedures is a dental implant in Shrewsbury. It can bring back one’s smile by replacing bad, crooked teeth with new, realistic ones. Dental implants help everyone, even these celebrities who looked especially good after getting their dental treatment.

Christie Brinkley

Christie’s face has graced the covers of over 500 magazines throughout her career. This means that maintaining her gorgeous smile is very important. Her career almost ended in 1994 when she and her friends tumbled down a 12,800-foot incline following a helicopter accident. While everyone survived, Christie suffered minor injuries, which included two broken molars. Although the molars were not visible to the public, she still had them replaced with dental implants to keep her jawbone, along with the rest of her teeth, stable.

Kathy Ireland

Although the former Swimsuit Illustrated supermodel rose to fame primarily due to her figure, her smile may have contributed to her overall success. Before she got her dazzling smile, she damaged her teeth when she fell from her children’s wagon while playing with her kids. The accident left her with several broken teeth as well as split forehead and a broken nose. Luckily, her husband was an emergency room physician who helped her during the incident. To restore her gorgeous smile, she needed to undergo numerous dental procedures, including a dental implant.

Taylor Hicks

Apart from having Southern charm and great harmonica skills, the American Idol Season 5 winner also has a dazzling smile. His teeth, however, did not start out as impressive as it is today. In the middle of the basketball playoffs in high school, Taylor accidentally knocked out his two front teeth. Fortunately, Taylor’s father is a dentist who rushed to his side to see to his injury. After the game, his father fitted two dental implants, giving him a beautiful smile.

These celebrities are a testament on the effectiveness of dental implants. It also shows that it is possible even for ordinary people to have a celebrity smile when they undergo a cosmetic dental procedure.