Calling in the Dental Specialists

DentistsGeneral dentistry fixes a lot of oral problems from tooth decay to missing teeth. What do you do when your oral problems are more severe than the usual? You visit specialists, of course.

Experts in their Field

In Springville or Spanish Fork, two of the specialists you can go to are endodontists and periodontists. Endodontists and endodontics are more focused on diseased or injured teeth. Periodontists and periodontics, on the other hand, are geared more towards periodontal (gum) disease and dental implants. These specialists are not exclusive of one another. One dentist can both be an endodontist and a periodontist at the same time.

Treatments from Endodontists

When visiting an endodontist, you can undergo around five treatments which includes dental implants. Two other treatments are as follows:

  • Root Canals – When getting a root canal, all of the infection inside your diseased tooth are cleaned and removed. The removed portions are then filled up with a certain material, after which your tooth is restored using a crown.
  • Retreatment – Your root canal treated may not heal properly sometimes. Retreatment helps by, again, removing the crown and filling material used in the first procedure. The endodontist analyzes the problem, cleans further infection, then follows standard root canal procedure.

Treatments from Periodontists

When it comes to periodontal treatments, you can choose among around eight treatment categories, one of which is, again, dental implants. Here are two examples:

  • Gum Graft Surgery – Because of gum recession, tooth roots may become exposed. Exposure can lead to more recession and even bone loss. Periodontists can take gum tissue from a source and use it to cover up the exposure.
  • Regenerative – Regenerative treatments are for bone damage due to periodontal disease. In treatment, the damaged bone and the bacteria causing the damage will be removed. Using bone grafts, membranes, and proteins, periodontists can stimulate your body to regrow the lost bone and tissue during the procedure.

Experts from Canyon Dental Clinic say that you should remedy your dental problems early. Consult a specialist at the first sign of oral issues.

Endodontists and periodontists have several other treatments you can undergo. Usually, your general dentist may be the one who will recommend you to such specialists.