Biter, No Biting: Rethink Your Bottle Opening Skills

Young Man with a Finger in His Mouth While Holding a BottleDo you have a habit of using your teeth as a tool? Whenever you do not have that handy tool by your side, you might resort to using your own set of teeth. From opening bottles to tearing letters open, your go to trusted, natural tool is there for you. Saves you a lot of time instead of sifting through boxes of tools in the garage or kitchen for that quick task.

You may already know it is bad for you but as long as there is no existing problem, you are good, right? Wrong.

Here is a quick reminder of what you are getting your teeth into:

Permanent Damage

Just because there are dental implants you can be confident in wrecking your own teeth. Dental professionals like Kurt Schneider, DDS explain that subjecting your own teeth to forceful maneuvers may cause the enamel to crack or weaken the tooth’s hold into the gum. Cracks and chipped tooth can be painful depending on the amount of exposure the dentin has. While you are trying to impress people with your skills, you might just end up embarrassing yourself instead when your tooth is suddenly chipped.


Sure you may have practiced your bottle opening skills enough to build a reputation for it. This does not mean it is not doing you any damage. If you look closely, you might find your teeth slowly and surely misaligned. Putting force on your teeth may cause it to displace. Remember how by enough force, you can straighten your teeth with braces? Same goes for consistent bottle opening with your teeth. After all, your teeth are not muscles that develop or grow stronger over time.

Your permanent teeth only come once when you have them. Lose them and you are going to need dental implants, bridges or even dentures. Make sure you treat them right.