Beginner’s Guide: Safety Riding Using a Jet Ski

Jet Ski RideThere’s nothing better than enjoying the sun and sand when summer comes. For those who already find swimming a boring activity, maybe it’s about time you challenge and enjoy other exciting activities the water has to offer. One of these is riding on a personal watercraft, such as a Jet Ski. How do you safely enjoy jet skiing? Here’s a guide to help:

Get the Right Jet Ski

In general, there are four types of jet skis and they come in different sizes. Small and narrow ones may be easier to maneuver, but can be difficult for beginners to handle. Two-seaters are great if you are learning and are even the ideal option if you want someone knowledgeable to ride with you. As there are many considerations involved in Jet Skis, and other water sports rental companies don’t recommend buying on your first rides. Get a feel of how each type works, then later decide which one to buy.

As a beginner, it’s best to familiarize yourself before riding to avoid accidents. Know the function of each to avoid confusion during the actual ride.

Attach the Shut-Off Clip

Before starting the engine, attach the shut-off clip to your waist. This serves as an engine stopper in case you accidentally fall into the water. Accidents do happen and the best way you can avoid them is by ensuring that the clip is strapped correctly around your waist.

Ride with Your Vest On

Wear your life vest each time you ride, even if you think you are comfortable with your swimming skills. You can never tell when an accident could happen and it wouldn’t hurt to wear something that could save your life.

Maintain Low Speed

Stick to a 10mph speed (or lower) on your first attempts. Continue doing so until you are comfortable enough with your balance. One of the biggest challenges of jet skiing is learning turns. Keep your speed low and practice in an area with low traffic or watercrafts to ensure safety.

It takes time to learn different tricks. For now, focusing on these guidelines should be enough to make your first Jet Ski ride as fun and safe as possible.