Be a Fashionable Jet Setter: The Secrets to Avoiding Travel Style Faux Pas

Woman travelling and wearing her warm jacketIn the recent years, airports have turned into unofficial fashion runaways. You will not see a fashionable jet-setter sporting their college sweatshirt with leggings because that simply will not do. This is because fashion bloggers and celebrities who own cashmere travel sets have upped their style game during cross-country travels.

Even though the notion of looking good while catching your flight can be overwhelming, it is actually simple. You only need to learn the basics, and you are good to go.

Flats Are Your Best Friends

Whenever you are going on a night out with friends, you consider heels as your best friend. With travelling, you can finally stick to your best friend — flats. Yes, you might have seen a celebrity walk through airport security in pumps, but they most likely have someone to carry their luggage. This is not ideal if you are handling a rolling suitcase, laptop bag, and overflowing tote all by yourself. Consider ankle booties, fresh sneakers or cute flats to pair with your stylish ensemble.

Take a Warm Jacket

It doesn’t matter how warm the weather is in the country of your destination because it will always be 10 to 20 degrees cooler in the plane. The last thing that you want is to catch a cold on board just because that old sweatshirt does not go well with your outfit. Take a cue from your favourite fashion bloggers and bring a varsity, denim, or leather jacket.

Of course, being stylish during your travels does not mean that you should give up feeling comfortable. After all, you will most likely sleep through most of the flight. All you need is to keep the above-mentioned ways in mind to avoid fashion faux pas.