The Amateur Actor’s DO’s and DON’Ts to Surviving Showbiz

Orthodontist Specialist in West JordanNewbie actors should be aware of what showbiz life holds for them. If you want to spread your wings, know what your responsibilities are. This short do’s-and-don’ts list summarizes what is expected of you when you enter this career choice.

DO Audition

It’s not often when a director or producer already has an actor in mind for a certain project. Auditioning and sending your recordings and resumes can convince casting directors that you fit the role. If not, they at least have a copy of your demo to pass on to other potential choices.

DON’T Limit Your Roles

Typecasting yourself can potentially ruin your own chances of getting in top billing productions. You may fit the requirements for a certain look, voice, or personality but try to expand your repertoire to include different characters or genres.

DO Get Connected

Get to know as many fellow actors, casting directors, and acting agencies as possible. Keep all their contacts, such as phone numbers and social media accounts, handy. You might not immediately be contacted but maintain the connections while you work at your career. You never know when you suddenly get an offer from out of the blue.

DON’T Expect Favors (Yet)

Your reputation is one of your investments. Asking people to give you favors in exchange for less pay or work outside of your contract is unprofessional. Instead, practice mindfulness, respect, and wisdom when choosing your projects and productions.

DO Improve

Get yourself an acting coach or invest in acting classes. Find a willing mentor among acting veterans. Hit the gym and spa regularly. Invest in manicures, hair styles and facials. For more permanent changes, prioritize dental work to improve your smile and speech. Consult an orthodontist in West Jordan for more extensive dental options, such as Redwood Orthodontics.

Every great actor begins from the bottom. The ones that last know exactly what’s expected of them will go far. Break a leg in your next audition and remember to be good to everyone on the way up.