Advance Funeral Planning: A Guide

Funeral Planning in KingstonAn increasing number of individuals are pre-planning their very own funerals, specifying what they want to happen during their funeral, and even prepaying for them while they’re still alive and kicking to help ease their loved ones’ burden upon their demise. These people view advanced funeral planning as a crucial extension of their estate planning. Interested in doing the same thing? Below are some practical tips.

Funeral Pre-Planning Tips

An immensely crucial consideration when pre-planning your funeral arrangements is where you wish your remains to be scattered, entombed, or buried. In the very short span of time between your demise and your burial, your loved ones will most likely rush off and purchase any old grave or plot, maybe without even visiting the site so it’s in everyone’s best interest really that you specify what to do with your remains and where to place it.

It’s up to you if you want to pay for your funeral arrangements ahead of time. Regardless of what you wish to do, note that prices could increase and businesses could change ownership or close, says a director of several funeral homes in Kingston. In some places, however, where there’s a lot of competition among providers, prices could actually lower over time. With these in mind, it’s a great idea to assess and maybe revise your plans every several years or so and make certain that your loved ones are aware of your arrangements.

It’s likewise recommended that you write down your funeral plans, hand out copies to your attorney and loved ones, and keep one for yourself. Avoid putting your funeral wishes in a will since wills are usually not read or even found after a funeral. Don’t place it in a safety deposit box either (if you decide to only keep a copy for yourself) since your loved ones might have to plan your funeral on a holiday or over the weekend, before the box could be accessed.

The Takeaway

Thinking and planning in advance will aid you in making more thoughtful and informed decisions regarding your funeral arrangements. It also enables you to pick the particular items you need or want and spend more time looking at the various funeral options and price estimates provided by different providers. Likewise, since you’ll be making arrangements directly with your chosen provider, you will be sparing your loved ones the stress that comes with planning your funeral while they’re still grieving over your loss. So don’t hesitate — do it now.