A Past Left Behind: 3 Ways of Showing You Have No Regrets

Ways to Leave the Past BehindEveryone has a past they want to get away from – people, places and situations. It could have been toxic, or it just might not have been the right one for you. Whatever your reason is for leaving something — or someone — behind, the best form of empowerment is to emerge from that situation with no regrets.

Here are subtle things through which your confidence and self-certainty show.

Keep a smile on your face

A genuine smile means contentment with where and how you are. Hence, it shows that you have no doubts about decisions you’ve made and that you aren’t troubled by them.

Nearly half of the British population is unhappy with the condition of their teeth, discouraging many from giving all-out smiles. According to staplehurstdentalpractice.co.uk, however, cosmetic dentistry and other dental services can help with that. A smile, after all, is more than just a way of communicating your happiness. It also boosts your confidence and improves your disposition.

Always dress your best

When you're dressed well, you give off a strong and confident vibe that says nothing will get in your way. Fashion depends entirely upon your taste, though, so dressing well is different for someone posh and someone more laid back. Just be sure not to look shabby.

More importantly, remember that to dress your best means to be comfortable in what you have on as well. You may be dressed meticulously or according to the latest fashion, but it won’t have as much an impact if you’re all stiff and fidgety.

Set your heart on the future

Lastly, there is absolutely no room for ‘should have’, ‘could have’ and ‘would have’ thoughts in your mind. Don’t dwell on things that might have been because you cannot go back in time to change it, whatever you do or however much you want to. Instead, be optimistic about the future and how you can shape it into something better and brighter.

Confidence and optimism ultimately complement the process of moving forward. When you make a habit of smiling, dressing well and looking to the future, you wouldn’t have any time to dwell on regrets.