Meta-Title: / Main Title: A Last Minute and After Event List for Family Reunions

Taking care of the program and event details of a family reunion can be so taxing that one usually forgets last minute details regarding the venue. Take note that you do have committees in charge of that but as the head coordinator of the event; you must still take the lead in making sure the function room is properly arranged and decorated. That said, here is a short list of last minute to-do's regarding the venue.

Seating Arrangements – If there are last minute absentees to your family reunion, additions and requests that can be dealt with, start rearranging place names as soon as you arrive at the function room. If you find some of the requests impractical or would too much of a major change for comfort, inform the people involved that you can't do as they requested and why.

Decorations – Most likely there are last minute additions to the decor via the decoration/venue committee. If that is the case, they best be at the venue an hour or so before. Some function rooms for hire in Brisbane like would insist that they put in the added decorations themselves so do coordinate with the venue management before your committee barges into the room without preamble.

After- Event – Make sure that all the equipment you and your committees have brought along to add to the decor and event needs be secured and returned before you leave the venue. Take a last sweep of the room to see if there are items that guests have left behind. Make a note of all these "lost and found" items for disseminating to your event's social media page, via email or phone calls as soon as possible.

From the start of your family reunion celebration to the time the last guest leaves, you must remain and oversee all these details before you and your committee members go home. Don't forget to congratulate everyone on a job well done before they go. And give yourself a pat on the back as well. You all deserve it.