A Closer Look to Tongkat Ali

A Closer Look to Tongkat AliTongkat Ali products are mostly available in the South East Asia and is famous especially for men. Apparently, originally by Malaysians, the plant Tongkat Ali (Scientific name: Eurycoma longifolia, Fam. Simaroubaceae) is an effective enhancer of sexual ability and performance. Due to the increased demand for this plant, the plant now belongs to the “protected” species of Malaysia and Indonesia.

Other Benefits

Though they require further study, there are various claims of other benefits that the plant may offer.

In one research, the muscle, particularly the levator ani (located in the pelvis) of male animal models, has shown growth with Eurycoma longifolia. This may serve as an evidence that the plant may have an anabolic enhancing property.

Taiwanese scientists conducted a research that shows the plant’s cytotoxicity which also means that the plant may have an anticancer ability. They did the study towards cancer cells from the lungs and the heart, while another separate study confirmed this using breast cancer cells.

Current research further studies the plant’s potential activity against malaria because of the plant’s content, Eurycomanone, a quassinoid. Derivatives of the said component are also under investigation for further analyzation.

Side Effects

While it has a lot of potential health benefits, you should still use products from Eurycoma longifolia with caution because there are possible adverse effects that can arise from its use.

Insomnia is the most common complain of people who use Tongkat Ali products. To avoid this, begin with your first doses in smaller amounts, then gradually adjust the amount taken to the recommended dose.

The sexual enhancer property of the plant may be because of its stimulation of testosterone in the body. Because of this, it can also cause a few changes in one’s behavior like a change in personality or shortened temper during use.

Due to some reason, Tongkat Ali may depress the immune system so it is not advisable for people with immunosuppression.