50 Shades of White: Teeth Whitening Dilemma

Teeth WhiteningWhen it comes to whitening your teeth, it is not just about making it sparkling white. Sometimes, it can be a problem when you achieve a shade that is too white. Your teeth may end up looking fake or distracting when they are at a blinding level. When bleaching, getting the right color without going overboard should be the goal.

Here are some things you need to prioritise to achieve that appropriate shade for your teeth:

It is all about cleanliness

The main thing that causes tooth discolouration is plaque or staining. Beneath that layer of plaque hides the natural colour of your teeth. This alone is the acceptable kind of white. Sometimes, you just need to have your teeth cleaned to strip the yellowish layer off.

Nonetheless, some people may already have yellow teeth due to genetics or years of staining that cleaning can no longer remove. As Aura Dental adds, some people ‘…have teeth that became yellowish due to smoking or drinking coffee’. This is when you will need the help of cosmetic dentistry in St. John’s Wood. You can get bleaching solutions for your teeth to achieve that clean white colour.

It depends on what is good for you

Trying to achieve that look most celebrities pull off can be a stretch. Whilst it is not bad to want to achieve that look, it all boils down to what is good for you. You do not want your smile to become distracting and take away its natural beauty. Communicate with your cosmetic dentist the kind of shade you want to attain, and see if they recommend that you go for that colour. Every person has a different reaction when it comes to teeth whitening.

White teeth can greatly improve your smile, but do not overdo it. If anything, your teeth should look clean and healthy. Visit your cosmetic dentist and achieve that realistic white colour to have a smile you can be proud of.