5 Advantages of Home Care Services over Nursing Homes

Home Care ServiceAging is natural. However, the reality of aging is sometimes heartbreaking. For some, they face the difficulty of going through late adulthood because of certain diseases that leave them unable to move, paralyzed or bedridden.

For the past years, it has been a common practice in the United States to enroll their parents or grandparents in nursing homes to alleviate the burden of care since most of them are working. However, recently, home care service is becoming popular because the older adults get to spend time with family without imposing a due burden to family members.

Ensure Medication Compliance

Medication compliance is vital for everyone taking prescription medicines. However, it is crucial for older adults who have more difficulty with compliance. This is because they are more prone to noncompliance on taking their medicines on time. Some may relate this to forgetfulness and overuse.

Hence, when a home care service provider is at home, someone is there to guide elders in taking their medicines on time and properly. This is very important to prevent disease relapse, overdose and drug misuse. In addition, a home care provider will oversee medication compliance to ensure safety. In nursing homes, medicine errors might occur especially because the ratio of care providers and patients are not one on one. Hence, the risk of potential overdose and medicine errors are higher.

Prevent Abuse of Elders

Since the patient is at home with family members, elder abuse or patient abuse is prevented. In nursing homes, abuse can be seen especially among bedridden, paralyzed or comatose patients. To prevent this, taking care of elders at home with someone to oversee his or her care is advisable.

Spend Quality Time with Family

In Minnesota, one of the best things about acquiring home care services is that patients get to spend more time with their family. Even if his or her family members are busy at work, they get to see each other at the end of the day. This is beneficial for the patient to feel happy, secured and loved.

Less Travel Time for Visits

Sometimes, when a family member is admitted to a nursing home, it’s hard to go there and visit because of the long and exhausting travel time. When the elderly is at home, it’s easier to spend time with him or her.

Higher Quality of Life

Studies have shown that the mental and physical well-being of patients suffering from chronic illness markedly increases when the healthcare is provided at home. This is linked to the patient’s comfort at home, sense of security and time spent with loved ones.

There are many benefits of home care services to the welfare of the patient. Perhaps, the greatest advantage of homecare services is the companionship that it provides to people who sometimes feel isolated from their traditional support channels, community and family.